TIG Perfect 2.0 - Pulsing Add-on For Welders

TIG Perfect 2.0 - Pulsing Add-on For Welders

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Our new and improved version 2.0 of our pulser add-on! Not only did we add additional features, we are able to offer the device at a lower price point! All settings now have their own individual knobs, we added a 4th wave type; the “Sine” waveform, and we have two new features; Crater Control and Post Flow. SEE TIG PERFECT FEATURES BELOW FOR MORE INFO.

Have you ever wished that you could be making professional quality TIG welds using pulsing functionality, but you couldn't justify buying a welder with these features for roughly twice the price?

TIG Perfect is a plug and play device which gives your under-equipped TIG welder pulsing functionality at a fraction of the cost. All you do is plug the pedal into TIG Perfect, and plug TIG Perfect into the pedal port of your welding machine - now your welder has been upgraded to have pulsing functionality, as well as crater control and additional post flow.

Shipped complete with instructions, power adapter, and plug & play cable for your welder type. SEE WELDER COMPATIBILITY BELOW.

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Popular Welding Podcast Featuring TIG Perfect @ 14:30 Mark.



Miller 14-Pin

(Typically only 5-6 pins used)

Miller: Econotig, AeroWave, Aircrafter, ALT, Big Blue, CST, Dimension, Dynasty, Goldstar, HF-251, Maxstar, Maxtron, Metro, Multimatic 220, Phoenix, PipeWorx, ShopMaster, Shopmate, SyncroWave, TIG Runner, Trailblazer, XMT 200, XMT 300, XMT 304, XMT 350, XMT 450, RFCS-14, RFCS-14 HD, 043554, 194744

Hobart: TigMate, Cybertig

Powcon: 300 TSE only

Thermadyne / Thermal Arc: 10-2007 and 10-2008

Sanrex: 200AP


Miller 6-Pin

Miller: Multimatic 200, Maxstar (any model)

Hobart: 150 STi


Miller 5-Pin

Miller: Syncrowave (most use 14-pin above), Maxstar, HF-250


Lincoln 6-Pin

Lincoln: Precision Tig, Square Wave, Tig Series, Invertec, Aspect


Vulcan 9-Pin

Vulcan: ProTIG 165, ProTIG 200, OMNIPRO 220. Any welder that uses the 9-pin pedal connectors.


Eastwood 5-Pin

Eastwood: Any welder that uses the 5-pin pedal connectors.


Eastwood 2/3-Pin

Eastwood: Any welder that uses the 2-pin and 3-pin pedal connectors.



Miller: Diversion 165/180, Multimatic 215

Hobart: EZ-TIG 165i


Universal Application

These come with the 15V, 10V, and 5V Universal Kits. You can use these to adapt the TIG Perfect pulser up to a machine that we don’t offer plug & play cables for.


TIG Perfect Features:

  • 4 Wave Profiles To Choose From And Customize (Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, and Sine)

  • Pulse Frequency Is Adjustable Between 0.5 HZ and 40 HZ (1 Pulse Every 2 Seconds To 40 Pulses Per Second)

  • Duty Cycle And Background Amperage Adjustments To Precisely Shape The Amp Waveform

  • Crater Control To Slowly Ramp Down Amperage At The End Of A Weld - Our Unique Design Retains Pedal Foot Control When Using Crater Control Function!

  • Post Flow Setting Which Allows You To Add Additional Gas Post Flow To What Your Machine Is Already Doing - Don’t Let Your Welds Oxidize!

  • Two LEDs (Red & Blue) Display The Pulsing Profile

  • The Mounting Brackets Are Configurable - You Can Flip Them Upside Down For Under Mounting Or Remove Them Completely

  • When TIG Perfect Is Turned Off, Your Welder Will Revert Back To Normal Operation (You Can Leave Everything Plugged In)

  • Plug & Play And Easy To Use

  • TIG Perfect Is Robust And Created From High Quality Materials And Components - Anodized Aluminum Case, Protective Rubber End Caps, Sturdy and Precise Knobs For Settings. The Circuitry Is Fully Shielded And Protected Against EMI/EMF.

  • Made And Assembled In the USA (Excluding The Power Adapter)

Why You Want To Weld With Pulse Functionality:

  • The same weld penetration can be obtained with less power and less heat. The more heat, the more your material will warp from the welding process. This is especially important for welding sheet metal.

  • Welders have a working duty cycle rating based on the relationship between amperage used versus time needed to wait for welder to be useable again. The less power you use, the less time the machine needs to cool down, and the more productive a user can be.

  • Pulse features allow the user to create a uniform and reliable weld more easily.

  • A pulsed weld is visually appealing, and gives the appearance of a perfect weld that was created by a machine.

  • The user can go back over ugly welds that were previously made to make them look nicer.


  • 1-year limited warranty

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Made in Denver, CO USA


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